Duk Lee

About Duk

Hello, My name is Duk and I can build you a website pretty quickly. I start with one of Bootstrap's templates, then I add a CSS file that's going to make your website look unique and pretty. With additioal cost, I offer you Jekyll template on top of your design; so that you can update content yourself. I also do dynamic website as well. What makes my dynamic website design stand out is that it does almost work out of the box. I use Firebase as backend to make my design completely interactive; very close to your end product.


Website must be

  1. Fast
  2. Mobile First
  3. Content over all the UI fluff
  4. Simple and Focused
  5. After all, it's just a freaking website. 99% of the time and 99% of websites, not really a rocket science.


To be added later

Hire Duk.

Contact me at duk@duklee.net for quotes.